Currency is a freeware currency database, conversion and calculator utility for the Palm Computing (R) platform and PalmOS(R) compatible devices.

Currency features 160 currencies, the 17 old Euro currencies and 10 fully configurable entries for user defined currencies or trade quantities. A fully configurable display enables the synchronous conversion of up to 12 simultaneous currencies.

The exchange rate date is stored for each individual currency, providing an easy mechanism for assessing the validity period of critical rates. A visual warning marks outdated rates. A fully functional algebraic calculator and a single button tax adder / subtractor simplify common arithmetic operations.

The exchange rates can be updated from inside the program (menu item Settings -> Download rates) or manually by downloading a small daily updated currency database (cupdate.pdb) from this site and syncing it to your PalmOS device. The update is done daily around 17:00/18:00 UTC with the spot exchange rates for 160 currencies.

If your device has internet access (e.g. Treo, Centro, TX via WiFi) you can also use a program like Mass Downloader to download cupdate.pdb to your device automatically each day.

The java conduit from Tim Endres used in previous versions can still be used, but is no longer recommended. See downloads for details.


First thanks to Henrique S. M. Martins, the original author of Currency, and Tim Endres, the author of the currency conduit. Also a big thanks to Stefan Braunstein who has kept the updates for Currency going on his website after Henrique Martins site became unavailable.


Exchange rate sources

Currency is using exchange rate information published by:

ecblogo_en.gif (1604 bytes)

the European Central Bank,

OANDAlogo.jpg (5111 bytes)

the OANDA Corporation and

fx-logo.jpg (6635 bytes)

the PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service of the Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


Version history